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Self Leadership Tribe is an 8-week group coaching program designed to transform your career, business and personal life with lasting results.









  • Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself and others?
  • Do you lack confidence or have trouble influencing other people?
  • Are you having challenges communicating effectively with a diverse team?
  • Are you struggling to make progress in your career or business?
  • Do you want to transform your life and achieve success?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. These are common problems experienced by business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior managers. These issues can sabotage you, your team and, in the long run, the company’s profits.


Challenges for Individuals:

  • Trouble being assertive without angering people
  • Feeling insecure, which leads to poor decisions
  • Being unmotivated or excessively negative
  • Trouble communicating with a diverse team
  • Getting easily overwhelmed
  • Being unable to clearly communicate ideas
  • Trouble staying focused and productive

Challenges for Team:

  • Poor morale and increased conflict
  • Lower productivity and profits
  • Lack of motivation, commitment, and loyalty
  • Poor customer service and company reputation which leads to reduced profits
  • Higher employee turnover rates

These are just small lists of the problems caused by poor leadership.

An ineffective leader can cause problems in every department of the company.

For example, if your C-level executives have difficulties with leadership, it will affect their department heads, which will affect managers, and then employees. With each level, the problems are magnified until it's all just a big mess of conflict and confusion.

As you can see, the problem must be fixed at the top level. Every top-level executive MUST have strong leadership skills and lead by example or the rest of the company is doomed to struggle.


Good leadership is the key to success. We all want to master leadership skills, and you may have even attended a seminar or workshop to improve your own leadership abilities. 

You watch the self-proclaimed “guru” get up on stage and motivate the audience an you feel all pumped up, ready to make changes! You feel on top of the world! 

Maybe you ride the “seminar high” for a week or so, but then the enthusiasm wears off and you end up back where you started. Then, you wonder: “Is it the program, or is it ME that’s not working?”

It’s not you - most leadership programs do not produce lasting changes. In fact, most seminar “gurus” don’t actually want you to succeed. Why? Because...

They can only sell products to people with problems!

That’s why they don’t give you the tools to actually make any REAL CHANGES. It’s all hype, and absolutely no practical advice or guidance. They want you to fail, AND, they want you to blame yourself so you look to them for more help (products).  

They make one more huge mistake… they try to convince you that you can learn some kind of “trick” and apply it to people like a magic leadership spell. But, that’s total BS.

Real leaders lead from the core. They are genuine and set an example, and they are leaders because they are confident in their skills and know how to communicate. They know how to motivate and inspire people with their own success.


Now, at this point, you may be wondering...


Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feelings, and actions to achieve your goals and objectives.

“But wait - don’t I already do that?”

YES and NO

We’ve all intentionally influenced our thoughts and feelings to direct our actions (think of resisting dessert at the restaurant), but the results usually don’t last long (think of a midnight snack). So, we can use our intelligence, reason, and emotions to make changes, but we struggle to make those changes permanent, even if the results are something we desire and are good for us.

Why Can’t We Make the Permanent
Changes We so Desperately Want?

It's because we're trying to put an external "fix" on an internal problem. Think of it this way. You know when you fly, they tell you that in the event of an emergency to put your oxygen mask on first, then help others?

Well, that’s because you’re not going to be of much use to anyone if you’re on the floor gasping for breath! Instead of helping others, you’ve become part of the problem.  

Leadership works the same way. You need to be able to lead yourself before you can expect to lead others. Failure to do that means you’re just running out of air along with everyone else, adding to the issues.

So, unless you take care of yourself FIRST, unless you resolve the issues you're facing and learn to influence your own behaviors, you'll never make any lasting progress or become an effective leader.

 You need to master Self Leadership to make any lasting transformation.

How Self-leadership can transform your business and your life

You’re able to set a goal and lead yourself through the process of reaching that goal without losing focus, without losing motivation… can you imagine what would you be able to achieve?
Go ahead, picture it.


When you master Self-leadership
you’ll be able to:

Inspire cooperation and teamwork

Enforce rules without destroying morale

Improve productivity and reduce conflict

Set the tone and course for the team

Choose the right motivational method for each person/situation

Help others adjust to changes

Give productive feedback

Retain good employees

Improve productivity and customer service

Clearly express your ideas (and get people to listen)

Have increased confidence and motivation

Be more innovative, creative, and proactive

Avoid getting overwhelmed

Increase bottom line profits

This is just a list of some of the things that can be achieved at the office. Self-Leadership mastery translates to your personal life as well.

Because you now have insight and motivation at your core, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself whether it’s running a marathon or writing a novel.

Self-Leadership reveals and defeats any internal struggles that are holding you back. Now, imagine what your life would be like with that kind of personal power? Introducing....


Self Leadership Tribe is an 8-week group coaching program designed to transform your career, business, and personal life with lasting results.

This is unlike any other program you’ve seen or heard about before. It’s NOT another “rah rah” motivational seminar offering the same old generic and rehashed advice. It’s an immersive, and personalised coaching program designed to tackle your real-world challenges and offer solutions you can use in real-life situations.

Here’s what’s included in
the Self Leadership Tribe:

 8 weeks of live group coaching with Self-Leadership expert Andrew Bryant

 Access to all recorded sessions for 1 year following the program

 Access to an exclusive, members-only community where you get ongoing support and guidance for 1 year following the program

8 Weeks of Personalised Group Coaching Calls

This is not your typical program where you’re left with a bunch of generic materials to study on your own, this is a LIVE group coaching program where I’ll be available to answer your specific questions and offer personalised advice. 

I’m limiting the number of members so that I can provide you with the one on one guidance and support you need to overcome real-world challenges.

You’ll get to access 8 live group coaching sessions where you can ask me anything related to your specific situation and I’ll be there to provide helpful answers. No other leadership program offers this level of personal coaching!

Get Support and Accountability from the “Tribe”

Do you know that one of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals is because they don’t surround themselves with supportive and like-minded people?

Well-meaning family and friends will deflate your new motivation and enthusiasm with their own negativity and limiting beliefs - often without meaning to.

That’s why being a part of a supportive mastermind community is so important. Your new friends can support, motivate, and keep you accountable until you reach your goals. They can also help you stay on track whenever you feel overwhelmed.

When you join Self Leadership Tribe, you’ll get instant access to a community of like-minded and supportive people who are all on the same journey as you.

Learn at Your Own Pace, from Anywhere

You may be wondering, “What if I don’t have time to join all of the live coaching calls?” 

If you happen to miss any of the 8-weeks of group coaching calls, don't stress; every call will be recorded and uploaded to our private member's area. You'll get access to all the video recordings for a full 12 months after the 8 weeks of coaching is over.

You’ll be able to access the content anytime, and from any device, laptop computer, or smartphone so you’ll be able to learn at your own pace, and from anywhere.

8 Weeks of Live Coaching
Where You Get to Decide
what Modules We Cover

I’m the kind of coach who is obsessed with making sure my clients are getting the help they need. So, I decided to make Self Leadership Tribe as customised as possible by letting YOU vote on the course modules!

Each week, the group will vote and decide on the topic you’d like help with the following week. NO OTHER PROGRAMS DO THIS! They all dish out the same generic and rehashed “advice,” and then leave you to implement it by yourself.

With this program, you’re in the driver’s seat. I give you what you need (as a real coach should), not some rehearsed motivational speech.

12 months of support to keep you on track

After the program, you’ll continue to enjoy exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can get coaching, feedback, and support for a full year. Even after the 8-weeks of personalised coaching is over, you can continue to post questions in the community, network with other members, access all the materials and recordings online, and get feedback and advice whenever you need it. Unexpected problems and frustrations are a lot easier to face and deal with when you know that you have a whole community of supportive people you can turn to.

Who Should Join Self Leadership Tribe?

The Self Leadership Tribe program has been specifically designed to help:

Executives who want to use self-leadership skills to fast track their career, get promoted to higher paying positions, and become leaders in their companies.

Business Owners who want to become superstar performers who motivate themselves and their teams to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Senior Managers who want to become better leaders that inspire real change and higher performance of the employees and teams in their organisation.

Anyone wanting to master Self-leadership and experience real transformations in their career, business, and personal life.


Who is Andrew Bryant, and
Why Should You Listen to Me?

Great question! Here are my qualifications:

  • Author of Two Books on Self Leadership: Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient, and Effective Leader from the Inside Out (with Dr. Ana Kazan, Ph.D.) and Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life and Business
  • Sought-After Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, and Professional Speaker. Hired to speak to over 100,000 people in 20 countries, on 4 continents. Clients include top companies like Microsoft, Cartier, Philips, DELL, Nokia, Deutsche Bank, AMP, Credit Suisse, Merck, Herbert Smith Freehills, RBS Coutts, Pall, Singapore and many more.
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). A CSP has been independently audited in terms of professionalism and client satisfaction. Fewer than 6% of professional speakers achieve this designation.
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This credential comes from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. ICF Credentials are awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach's commitment to integrity, understanding, and mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients.
  • Trained in Multiple Disciplines. Certified in a number of assessment tools to assist in the coaching process as well as completing studies in psychology, linguistics, neuro-semantics, and hypnosis.

  • Founder of Self Leadership International (SLI). Self Leadership International, Pte. Ltd., aims to transform leaders through executive coaching, consulting and facilitated workshops. SLI works with local and multinational companies in Singapore, Asia, Malaysia, Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Mauritius.

Trusted By Leading International Companies

The Self Leadership practices I teach are so effective, that large, international companies have hired me to coach their top-tier management. Here are just a few of my corporate clients:

“I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly.”

“In 12 months, I have grown enormously as an executive. My relations with managers and staff are far more harmonious, I have been able to coach my team through significant personal development, I am more understanding and accepting of my broader responsibilities as a leader, and I have much more energy and am able to motivate myself more easily.

Most importantly, I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly.

 Andrew Bryant has produced results I had no idea were possible.”

 Grant Halloran — CEO and Co-founder of Orbis

“Andrew has been instrumental to my career development and growth.”

“Andrew taught me so much: how to think strategically and build long-term, solid partnerships with clients, how to identify the client’s needs and offer lots of value for the organisations, how to speak with C-level executives, how to navigate corporate structures… and the list goes on!

 He helped equip me with strong management, coaching, and team leadership skills, and gave me the opportunity to learn from top-performing teams he was coaching.

Most importantly, he gave me a lot of trust that if I believed in myself, I could achieve great things. Andrew has been instrumental to my career development and growth.”

 Radu Palamariu — Talent Connector - 11k| Managing Director South East Asia | Global Logistics & Supply Chain Practice Head | Entrepreneur

 “I came away from each of my coaching sessions learning more things than I can count.”

“It’s extremely difficult for me to articulate just how much Andrew has done for me professionally. He is a tough, no-holds-barred, leadership coach who took the time to understand me and worked through my improvement areas with patience and thoughtfulness. I came away from each of my coaching sessions learning more things than I can count.

He is insightful, knowledgeable, and extremely effective. He is an expert in self- leadership, executive presence, and emotional intelligence among many other management and leadership disciplines, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be coached by him.

His practical approach to coaching together with the tools and tips he equipped me with have set me up with a solid foundation to grow and be confident in my career. I will forever be indebted to Andrew for his excellent coaching, guidance, knowledge, and support.”
Anjali Thalayasingam — Associate Director- IOT, Cognitive, Machine Learning, Analytics, AR/VR and AI at Virtusa Polaris

“… results immediately tangible.”

“I have absolutely no reservations recommending Andrew to anyone seeking guidance in the arena of both professional growth and Self-leadership.

Right from the first session, the advice and recommendations were practical, simple to put into practice, and results immediately tangible.

Simply put, the investment in Andrew's professional coaching returns are wide reaching and provide long-standing value.

 Thank you, Andrew, for everything you helped me with!”

Daniel Da Vinci — SAP Enterprise Architect

“Andrew is the guy to go to if you feel stuck…”

“Andrew is the guy to go to if you feel stuck, you know you are stuck, you know you can do better, but you don't know what to do about it. This is where I was in my work. Until I met Andrew. His observations about me were not pleasant, but they were true! I digested it, worked on it and it brought me to the next level in my business. Thanks, Andrew.”

Bart Remes — Managing Director, Economica Action Pte, Ltd.

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Self Leadership Tribe Size is Limited

I’m only accepting a few people into this program and then I’ll shut this page down.

I’m limiting the number of members so that I can provide everyone with the guidance and support they need to overcome real-world challenges.

I've emailed my database of 22,000 people who have all expressed interest in Self-leadership, and invited them to join the program. So, even if only 0.5% of my followers sign up for the program, this program will sell out fast. 

If you’re interested in joining, I urge you to sign up as soon as possible.

Are You Ready to Make Real and Lasting Changes in Your Business and Personal Life?

I’ve helped thousands of individuals from at risk teens to Fortune 500 CEO’s to learn Self-Leadership and dramatically change their lives, and I can help you, too. The Self Leadership Tribe is designed to be used in the real world, so you’ll walk away with practical tools you can implement immediately and start seeing results.

By joining the Self Leadership Tribe,
you will learn:

How to become self-aware so that you can change unwanted behaviors

How to clarify and focus your intentions so that you can work towards your goals with purpose

How to increase your confidence, and thereby your ability to influence others

How to master effective communication so that you can resolve disputes, motivate others, and make your voice heard

How to begin believing in yourself, which leads to increased innovation and resilience

How to inspire and lead a team so they are more productive, successful, and there are fewer conflicts

How to stay motivated, avoid becoming overwhelmed, and inspire the same in your employees or team members

Reach any goal you set for yourself

P.S. To make sure you get the personalised advice you need, this program is strictly limited to a 'first-come-first served basis', I’m only accepting people who are truly ambitious and willing to make real and life-altering changes. Are you ready?

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