DECEMBER 18, 2018

A 90-Minute, Information-Packed, Free-Live Event to Increase engagement, collaboration and performance for your team or workplace.



Are you a leader, entrepreneur, manager, HR or OD Professional?

Are you curious about how to increase engagement, performance, creativity responsibility or accountability in your people?

The answer lies in creating a Self Leadership Culture, a culture of Self-leaders who are aligned to a common vision with an agreed mission on how to get there.

Developing a Leading Culture in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, is not easy, but it is worth the effort.

Cutting edge content includes:

  • How leaders create 'frames' to inspire their people
  • How different frames influence how we perceive the world

  • How each of us has a choice to take control of our lives, to be the driver not the passenger.
  • To discover the 'oxygen' of motivation
  • The true purpose of leadership
  • How to integrate cutting the best of leadership theory
  • The formula for effective culture
  • How Self-leadership increases effectiveness
  • How to measure Self-leadership
  • How to create a Self-driven culture
  • How to reframe toxic mindsets
  • The importance of psychological safety
  • A framework for feedback & feedforward
  • How to be the person of influence in your organizaton

Learn from the  Self Leadership Expert

Andrew Bryant is a Global Expert on Self Leadership & Leading Cultures. He partners with international & global organizations to develop leaders and leadership cultures.

Invited to speak in 20+ countries on 4 continents with 100.000+ people inspired, he is known to be an effective, confident, humorous & thought provoking motivational & TEDx speaker.

He is the author of ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012) as well as ‘Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life and Business’

"Observing Andrew teaching leadership in action is a pleasure. His stories feel authentic, because his own behavior and personality reflect his teachings. Along the way, he makes some important points. For example, persuasion alone is not enough in leadership. To lead, you must influence other people's goals, and that is one step ahead of persuasion. There is much more where this came from, and I can highly recommend Andrew on the topic of leadership."

Markus Karner
Academic Director at SMU-ExD Executive Development

"Andrew is an outstanding professional coach and leadership expert. His warm & engaging approach provides support to you throughout but also brings appropriate challenge and inquiry. Andrew's attention to you as the client ensures that you achieve Self-leadership whilst developing awareness of your skills and impact."

David Goddin
Managing Director

"I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly.” “In 12 months, I have grown enormously as an executive. My relations with managers and staff are far more harmonious, I have been able to coach my team through significant personal development, I am more understanding and accepting of my broader responsibilities as a leader, and I have much more energy and am able to motivate myself more easily. Most importantly, I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly. Andrew Bryant has produced results I had no idea were possible."

Grant Halloran
CEO and Co-founder of Orbis


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This is a ‘not to be missed’ program if you are interested in developing your self, your team or organization.

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