Transformational Leadership Retreats,

that will take your organization to the next level

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world...

To remain relevant and competitive, organizations must invest in people and leadership development...

but the smart companies invest in the right type of leadership development.

Today's leaders must think differently, and behave differently...

“You can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself”

Self-leadership Journeys are an 'inside-out' process that develops Self-awareness and Self-confidence, helping people to become more influential as team members and leaders.

This is a ‘next-level’ leadership development program that takes people out of the classroom and away from the day-to-day transactional business, to truly reflect on who they are, what’s important, and how to collaborate to make a difference.

"Leaders and Managers need to be Self-leaders so that they can create a Self-driven culture."

A Self Leadership Journey is...

A customized experience

Each organization and each leadership team have a unique DNA and specific challenges. The journey starts with an assessment of needs and objectives. We then plan a journey that will deliver tangible transformation.

A typical Self Leadership Journey will be 2.5 days and involve:

  • A stimulating location
  • Facilitated conversations
  • Mind and body learning experiences
  • Positive Community or Environmental impact
  • Group Coaching
  • Accountability to execute 

Each journey will challenge individuals and the team, but no activities will be too strenuous - the design and the Self Leadership methodology ensures that knew perspectives and new ways of being and doing are explored.

Your Self Leadership Journey Leader

♜ Andrew Bryant is a Global Expert on Self Leadership & Leading Cultures. He partners with international & global organizations to develop leaders and leadership cultures.

✽ Invited to speak in 20+ countries on 4 continents with 120.000+ people inspired, he is known to be an effective, confident, humorous & thought provoking motivational & TEDx speaker.

♜ He is the author of ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012) as well as ‘Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life and Business

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