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What would you say to a professional athlete, who refused a personal coach to help them improve?

You would probably express your surprise at their inability to see, or understand, that coaching is about becoming the best version of ourselves, and that coaching will allow you to overcome bad habits, and accelerate you achieving your goals.

Do you seek Clarity or Direction?
Are you looking to take the next step in your career?
Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial mindset?

Executive Coach, Andrew Bryant, began his career working with athletes, but for the last 20+ years has worked with executives and entrepreneurs.
Through his coaching, speaking and writing, he has helped his clients to develop themselves, improve their leadership, communication, influence and impact.

Clients have used what they have learned about themselves to go; from employee to entrepreneur, from local role to regional, and from regional role to global leadership.

Typically Andrew is hired by major corporations to develop their high potentials and senior leaders; however he does take on personal coaching clients who want to take it to the next level.

Coaching is about what YOU
want to achieve

Here is a sample of objectives you might be looking for:

How to become self-aware so that you can change unwanted behaviors

How to clarify and focus your intentions so that you can work towards your goals with purpose

How to increase your confidence, and thereby your ability to influence others

How to master effective communication so that you can resolve disputes, motivate others, and make your voice heard

How to begin believing in yourself, which leads to increased innovation and resilience

How to inspire and lead a team so they are more productive, successful, and there are fewer conflicts

How to stay motivated, avoid becoming overwhelmed, and inspire the same in your employees or team members

Reach any goal you set for yourself

Are you ready to make changes, to transform, and go to your next level?

Here are some results other clients have achieved:

“I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly.”

“In 12 months, I have grown enormously as an executive. My relations with managers and staff are far more harmonious, I have been able to coach my team through significant personal development, I am more understanding and accepting of my broader responsibilities as a leader, and I have much more energy and am able to motivate myself more easily.

Most importantly, I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly.

 Andrew Bryant has produced results I had no idea were possible.”

 Grant Halloran — CEO and Co-founder of Orbis

“… results immediately tangible.”

“I have absolutely no reservations recommending Andrew to anyone seeking guidance in the arena of both professional growth and Self-leadership.

Right from the first session, the advice and recommendations were practical, simple to put into practice, and results immediately tangible.

Simply put, the investment in Andrew's professional coaching returns are wide reaching and provide long-standing value.

 Thank you, Andrew, for everything you helped me with!”

Daniel Da Vinci — SAP Enterprise Architect

 “I came away from each of my coaching sessions learning more things than I can count.”

“It’s extremely difficult for me to articulate just how much Andrew has done for me professionally. He is a tough, no-holds-barred, leadership coach who took the time to understand me and worked through my improvement areas with patience and thoughtfulness. I came away from each of my coaching sessions learning more things than I can count.

He is insightful, knowledgeable, and extremely effective. He is an expert in self- leadership, executive presence, and emotional intelligence among many other management and leadership disciplines, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be coached by him.

His practical approach to coaching together with the tools and tips he equipped me with have set me up with a solid foundation to grow and be confident in my career. I will forever be indebted to Andrew for his excellent coaching, guidance, knowledge, and support.”
Anjali Thalayasingam — Associate Director- IOT, Cognitive, Machine Learning, Analytics, AR/VR and AI at Virtusa Polaris

“Andrew has been instrumental to my career development and growth.”

“Andrew taught me so much: how to think strategically and build long-term, solid partnerships with clients, how to identify the client’s needs and offer lots of value for the organisations, how to speak with C-level executives, how to navigate corporate structures… and the list goes on!

 He helped equip me with strong management, coaching, and team leadership skills, and gave me the opportunity to learn from top-performing teams he was coaching.

Most importantly, he gave me a lot of trust that if I believed in myself, I could achieve great things. Andrew has been instrumental to my career development and growth.”

 Radu Palamariu — Talent Connector - 11k| Managing Director South East Asia | Global Logistics & Supply Chain Practice Head | Entrepreneur

My methodology is Self-leadership

Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions to achieve your objectives.


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