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Why you need to develop your Self-leadership

We live in a disruptive world. We need to take ownership and become agile to succeed in today's environment.


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The Self Leadership Tribe

This is where we come together to learn; to learn to influence our thinking, feeling and actions.

To develop our Self-leadership so that we can positively influence ourselves and the people and world around us.

The founder of the tribe is Andrew Bryant, Best Selling Author, Global Expert on Self-leadership and Leading Cultures.

Andrew offers coaching to the tribe to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities.

"Andrew is inspiring, knowledgeable and strategic. He is engaging and connects effortlessly with people. Andrew is a master reframer, which means he has a unique way of looking at things in a positive way, which serves him well (evident by his success). This talent also means his clients benefit from this unique skill, which has the potential to increase their chances of fulfillment and success."

Marija Castellari
Professional Coach

"I have had the privilege of being coached by Andrew in the past year and it's extremely difficult for me to articulate just how much Andrew has done for me professionally. He is a tough, no holds barred, leadership coach who took the time to understand me and work through my improvement areas with patience and thoughtfulness. I came away from each of my coaching sessions learning more things than I can count. "

Anjali Thalayasingam
Associate Director at VirtusaPolaris

"Andrew is an outstanding professional coach and leadership expert. His warm & engaging approach provides support to you throughout but also brings appropriate challenge and inquiry. Andrew's attention to you as the client ensures that you achieve Self-leadership whilst developing awareness of your skills and impact."

David Goddin
Managing Director


The Self-leadership Tribe will be launched on August 15, 2017

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